Hello! You made it to the beginning of another new year and welcome to Year 2019! If it had not been the Lord that was on our side (still on our side), where would we be? So many calamities occurred during the course of the year, so many disappointments, so many fears and pains, so many trials and temptations, so many hindrances and obstructions, so many limitations, so many unseen battles; the list goes on but here we are untouched, kept by His mercy alone.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Don’t dwell on the disappointments as everything happened for a reason and purpose – reflect and learn lessons to make you a stronger and a better person to recover completely all the lost years. My prayer for you is that the almighty God will go before you, level every mountain and remove every obstruction so that you can possess your possessions in Jesus name. Isaiah 45:2.

Prayer Points

1. Prayers of Praise, Forgiveness & Thanksgiving (Psalm 103:1-3; Psalm 124; Psalm 139; Psalm 16:5-6; 34:1-6; Lamentations 3:22; Isaiah 43:19
– Almighty God, all that is within me bless and praise your Holy name.
– I bless and praise you Lord for all your benefits toward me and my household
– I bless and praise you for forgiving me all my iniquities, including all the promises and resolutions I made in 2018 and never fulfilled
– Thank you for your mercies over my life during the year, for the times you nudged me to pray for someone or do something that I did not, for the times I was meant to study the Word that I didn’t, or was supposed to be on evangelism that I didn’t go
– Thank you for redeeming my life from destruction and crowning me with your lovingkindness and mercies
– Thank you for satisfying my mouth with good things throughout the year 2018
– Thank you for being the portion of my inheritance and for allowing my lines to fall on pleasant places in 2018
– Thank you in advance of new things that you will do in my life, my family and my ministry in this year 2019
2. Prayer of Consecration (Josh 5:3, Heb 12:14; Gen 17:1, Romans 12:1-2)
– Father, by the blood of Jesus, I consecrate myself for the wonders you have prepared for me in 2019.
– Father, in this year 2019, help me to walk before you in holiness and righteousness without which no one can see you
– Father, help me walk before you blamelessly throughout 2019
– Father, help me not to compromise my faith, and to not conform to the image of this world, and renew my mind daily
3. Almighty father, as I go into 2019, I acknowledge you in all my ways. Guide and direct my paths in the name of Jesus. Prov 3:5-6
4. Almighty God, I commit the year 2019 into your hand, guide me and direct me in the path I should go, order my path, thoughts and actions that I will give you pleasure and it will go well with me and my family. Psalm 32:8;Job 32:8; Rev 4:11
5. Almighty father, according to your word in Isa. 45:2, please go ahead of me and my household, and make every crooked place straight regarding every area of our life in the mighty name of Jesus.
6. Almighty God, in this 2019, give me the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places to the glory of your name. Isa 45:3
7. Almighty God, because of your mercy that endures forever, let 2019 be the set time of divine favour for me and my household. Psalm 102:13
8. Almighty God, let there be complete and total restoration of my glory, my destiny, my fortune, my wasted years in the name of Jesus. Joel 2:22-25
9. In the name of Jesus, I come against every contrary spirit – Lord let them waste themselves before they perform their havoc. Num 23:23; Job 5:12
10. Almighty God, I bring myself and my household under your shadow for protection and safety throughout 2019 in the name of Jesus. Psa 91:1
11. Almighty God, prosper the works of my hand and ministry throughout 2019. All the resources that I need to be established, let there be provision. Psa 1:1-3; Phil 4:19
12. I pray for my community and my neighbours, that we would experience the presence and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding in 2019 in the name of Jesus. Phil 4:7
13. I pray for the body of Christ, that in 2019, there will be love and unity to the glory of God. John 17:21-23; Amos 3:3; Psalm 133:1-3
14. I pray for all our political and spiritual leaders, company executives and all that are in corridors of power that are making decisions affecting our lives that God will illuminate and help them to make right decisions so that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. 1 Tim 2:1-2
15. I pray for the United Kingdom that the righteousness of God and fear of God will return and Great Britain shall remain great. Prov 14:34
16. I pray for the Prince of Peace, the one that the government of the whole world is upon His shoulders to reign over nations of the world. Isa 9:6
17. I thank you in advance of what you are going to do for me and my household in 2019 because I know you can do exceedingly abundantly above all that I ask or think according to your power that works in me. Eph 3:20

God bless you and may your payers be answered in Jesus’ name. You can drop your prayer requests in the comment box below. Till next month remain blessed. SHALOM!!

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