Welcome to the Month of February.
On the second day of creation, God separated/divided the firmament from the waters (Gen 1:6-8).
I pray that this February the almighty God will separate you from every hindrance and resistance to your breakthrough in Jesus name. Peter toiled all night and did not catch any fish but as he was about to give up and throw in the towel, that was when Jesus showed up. In the end, he caught a multitude of fish that made him to be a blessing to others, Luke 5:1-6. Are you weary, anxious, worried, feeling like calling it quits and throwing in the towel like Peter was about to do? I have good news for you in this month of February; Jesus will show up and showcase His glory over that matter and situation and will come through for you. God is never late and makes everything beautiful in His own time, so just hang on in there, put your trust in Him and your line shall fall into pleasant places. For more prayer points.

Prayer Points

1. Almighty God, all that is within me bless and worship you. Psalm 103:1
2. Thank you for forgiving me all my iniquities, for healing all my diseases, for redeeming my life from destruction and crowning me with your lovingkindness and tender mercies. Psalm 103:3-4
3. Thank you because the thoughts that you have toward me, they are not the thoughts of evil but of good and peace. Jer 29:11
4. Almighty God, break every stronghold of frustration, stagnancy, limitation, resistance and stronghold in my life, ministry and business. Luke 5:2
5. Almighty father, use my life, my skills, my circumstance and situation to showcase your glory. Luke 5:3
6. Almighty God, give me clear directions of where to push into for greater glory and harvest in the name of Jesus. Luke 5:4
7. Almighty God, I receive grace to be obedient at your word to launch into the deep in my ministry and business, no matter what the situation is, in the mighty name of Jesus. Luke 5:5
8. Almighty God, you gave Peter life changing breakthroughs and testimonies; this month remember me and my family for life changing testimonies to the glory of your name. Luke 5:6
9. Almighty God, let your favour bring overflows of great blessings/breakthroughs into my life and into my family that will make to be a blessing to draw souls of men and women into your kingdom. Luke 5:7
10. Thank you in advance of the life changing breakthroughs for me and my family in the month of February, as I know my expectation shall not be cut off. Prov 23:18

God bless you and may your payers be answered in Jesus’ name. You can drop your prayer requests in the comment box below. Till next month remain blessed. SHALOM!!

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