Compliments of the season and a Happy New Year!

The year 2021 has indeed been a challenging year for many people across the world. The impact of COVID-19 is still being felt. Many have not recovered from the loss of their loved ones and many others have lost their livelihood. 1 Corinthians 15:57 Says, “but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ”! God has kept you and I and caused us to leap over into another new year – 2022. What an awesome God we have as our Father!, Let’s together ascribe all glory due to Him and worship Him in the beauty of His holiness.

New Year Prayer Points

I don’t know what the year 2021 has brought yout path but i just want to encourage you to embrace a new beginning with the strength of the Lord. Arise, break the fallow grounds and shine, for the glory of God has risen upon you. I have compiled few prayer points as guide. Add yours in the comment section.

1.Praise and thank Him for every benefits He provided to you in 2021, Thank Him for bringing you yet into this new year 2022 equally thank Him in advance of what He’s about to the for you in 2022. Psalm 68:18; Psalm 103:2; Lam 3:22-23

2. Father, as i journey into the year 2022, I consecrate my spirit, soul and body as a living sacrifice.
Father Sanctify and purify me from the filthiness of the flesh and of the spirit.
Father help me to lay aside everything that can weighs me down.
Father help me to lay aside the sin that so easily entangles me.
Father help me to run with perseverance the race that is set before me.
Father help me to fix my eyes on you, the author and perfecter of our faith.
Father help me to present myself as a living sacrifice
Father help me not to conform to the image of this world
Father help me to walk before you in holiness and righteousness
Father help me and order my steps in 2022, so that iniquities will not prevail over me and my loved ones.
Father, anoint me with fresh oil and give me a new depths of intimacy with you
Father, help me to be deeply rooted in you and bear fruit upward.
Heb 12:1-2; Rom 12:1-2; Gen 17:1; Heb 12:14; Psalm 65:3; Malachi 3:3

3. Father, help me not to miss your plan and purpose for my life this year 2022 in the name of Jesus
4. Father, empower me to break new grounds in my prophetic assignment, my career, my business etc
5. Father, divinely immunise and protect me and my family with your hedge of fire. Zech 2:5
6. Father, in this year 2022, let my life declare your glory. Psalm 19:1-2
7. Father, let me operate in divine wisdom throughout the year 2022. Isa 11:2
8. Father, I ask for the grace for fruitfulness, effectiveness and fulfilment of purpose
9. Lord, cause me to enjoy perfect health and wholeness in You in Jesus name. Isaiah 58:8, Jeremiah 30:17
10. Father, favour me and the work of my hands beyond my imagination. Psalms 5:12
11. Father, let 2022 be a year of unlimited blessings, advancement, promotion and victories for me, my family and my loved ones.
12. Father, I pray for your manifested presence throughout 2022 in the name of Jesus
13. Father, I praye that in 2022, I will not embark on journey that will lead to untimely death, I will not make decision that will lead to untimely death
14. Father, throughtout 2022, help me not to eat the bread or drink the water of affliction.
15. Father, let every gate and obstacle on my paths in 2022 be lifted up and removed
16. Father, in this year 2022, i will not suffer any lose, be in my health, in my family, in my career, in my finance etc
17. Father, in this year 2022, I put on your whole armor – Breastplate of righteousness; sword of the Spirit, Gospel of peace; helmet of salvation; Shield of faith; Belt of truth; Praying in the Holy Ghost
18. Give Him thanks because He’s able to do more exceedingly far above that which we can ask or think according to His glorius power that works in us. Eph. 3:20