With great joy in my heart, I welcome you to the second half of the year 2021.
Wao!, it seems like yesterday that we were all saying a “Happy New Year” to 2021; now we are half way into the year, glory be to God in the highest for His love, goodnes and mercy!
I would like us to pray as we journey into the second half of the year but before then, I want to ask you, are you Petering out? I mean did you start the year with enthusiasm, determination and zeal like Peter who started to walk on the water – before his strength began to dwindle as a result of boisterous winds around him that made him to shift his focus away from the one who had called him, and began to sink.

Thankfully, Peter was able to call upon the Lord Jesus to save him. What dreams, visions and goals have you set at the beginning of the year that seem to have not materialised – and you are about to give up? Do not give up!

In football games, half time is always a time of refreshment; review and analysis of the first half – and to make adjustments and changes if necessary to improve the overall performance in winning the game. Look at your set objectives and goals for the year, make necessary adjustment, and commit the plan into God’s hands. Psalm 34:7.
I would like us to commit the second half of the year into God’s hands – who is able to keep and preserve that which is committed into His hand in prayers.

Prayer Points

1. My father, my God I thank you for all you have done for me and my family. Psalm 103:1-5
2. My Father, my God, as I journey into the second half of the year, guide me, help me to keep my focus on you, perfect all that concerns me, help me not to be distracted.
3. My Father, my God, renew my strength and grant me the capacity to overcome every challenge that might come my way.
4. My Father my God, supply all my needs, do not let me lack any good thing, in my health, in my family, in my business/career, my ministry etc
5. Ask God your own personal request(s)
6. Thank God for He will do more exceedingly and abundantly above that which you have asked and think according to His power that works in you.