When it comes to giving back to the community, any action big or small can make a real difference. Whether you’re volunteering at your local food bank or donating money to someone in need, you can have a positive impact on your hometown. In honor of World Kindness Day, find out how to make where you live a happier, more loving place with these local volunteer opportunities.

We are created uniquely, each and everyone of is endaour with at least a gift or talent. This gift or talent is not only for us or our family members, it for humanity. This brings me to the fact that we are created to be destiny helper to someone just as someone was created to be our destiny helper. Sometimes we might be thinking, how can I be a destiny helper to some, it might be as simple as given an information, counsel/Advise or be an encourager.

The whole summary is giving back to the humans and this why “The LadderBackDown (R)” The ladder backdown was founded by IbukunEmmanuel Adebayo in 202x. Since formation, the ladderbackdown has delivered various seminars covering, Buisness Analysis, Data Analysis, CISSP, GRC, Cloud Security, Project Manament, Scrum Master among others. For all the seminars, Click to see all Previous Traning/Webinars sessions;. The training were deleivered by like minded professionals in thier chosing feild, Many have got back to thier career ladder. The WhatsApp groups has grown to the maximum of 2000 members allowed by WhatsApp, So “The Ladderbackdown (R)” is moving to telegraph (Alternative to WhatsApp). If you would like to join, please click the link below and you can join any group(s) of your interest.