I welcome you to this new month.
Hours have turned to Days, days have turned to weeks and weeks have turned to months and we are now in the 10th month of the year and the start of the last quarter of the year.

The past 18 months have caused many worries, uncertainties and anxieties but in all the turmoil, we are still standing because God is with us, His mercy has kept us.
Perhaps you are thinking that the past three quarters did not play out as planned; do you believe God can still surprise you in the last quarter of 2021?. The end of a thing is better than the beginning thereof, so says Eccl 7:8.

It was recorded in 2 Sam 6:11 that Obededom’s life was changed within three months so much so that he became the envy and talk of the town because God’s presence was with him.
Friends, all you need, as we go into this new month and last quarter, is God’s divine presence. Regardless of the circumstances, when you have His presence you are sure of peace and joy. Psalm 16:11.

I pray that every limitation that has challenged your destiny till now, you shall see them no more and I prophesy and decree in no other name than the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that, as you allow His presence into your life in this quarter, what you have been unable to achieve in the previous quarters shall be achieved even much more than you expected in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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Till next month by His grace, may He continue to keep you and all that are yours under the shadow of His wings. Shalom

Prayer points

1. Praise and bless God for yet another month. Psalm 34:1
2. Thank God for not allow the issues and challenges of life to overwhelmed us. Thank Him for being our shield, our glory and the lifter of our head. Psalm 3:3
3. Pray for the grace to walk before Him in holiness and righteousness as we journey through October. Help us to behave myself wisely. Gen 17:1; 1 Sam 18:14
4. Pray for the release of extra oil needed for this month’s journey. Matt 25:4
5. Pray for grace to be spiritually awaken throughout the month of October. Matt 25:5
6. Pray for the divine presence of God for the journey of October all through. 2 Sam 6:11; Exod 33:14
7. Pray for Obededom like blessing that will make you to be a channel of blessing to your family. 2 Sam 6:11
8. Pray that God will disappoint every expecattion of adversaries 2 Sam 6:11
9. Any other personnal prayers
10. Thank Him in advance for answer prayers.

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