Happy New Month and welcome to the month of September, the ninth month of the year. In these unprecedented times, God has kept and preserved us minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week and month by month since the beginning of the year! David said in Psalm 116:12, What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits toward me? Join me to render praises unto the God of heaven and earth as we leap over into the month of September for all the benefits that He has rendered to us.

1. Magnify the Lord with me, let us praise is name forever
2. O that men would praise the Lord
3. I have a very big God O who is always by my side

Number nine symbolizes divine completion, perfection, totality and a complete circle. In the ninth month, pregnancy usually turns into the birth of a new life which leads to fulfilment, joy, increase and fruitfulness.
Have you been trusting God for something, maybe in your health, marriage, job/career, ministry, finance, permission to stay in a country, etc., and you have faced repeated obstacles or things have not really worked out yet?
Jesus declared at the ninth hour in John 19:30, “it is finished”. I pray for you in this month of September, that everything that has been contending with the manifestation and delivery of your dreams shall be finished and terminated by the power in the name of Jesus. I decree and prophesy that your long-awaited blessings, dreams, plans, healings, promotion and promises will come to manifestation and fulfilment in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of God.
Till next month by His grace, may this month be a September to remember pleasantly in every facet of your life, to the glory of His name. Shalom

Prayer Points

1. My father, I praise you for who you are and I ascribe the glory due to your name as I worship you in the beauty of your holiness. Psalm 29:2
2. My father, I thank you for forgiven my sins and for all the benefits you bestowed upon me and my family in the month of August. Thank you for your mercy and goodness. Psalm 68:19; Psalm 107:1
3. My father, I commit this ninth month into your hand, let it be finished with debt; pain, lack, failure, unfruitfulness, etc in my life in the name of Jesus. John 19:30.
4. My father, let this month be my month of delivery and manifestation of that which you has spoken to me, make this month to be beautiful for me. Isaiah 66:8
5. My father, I receive grace to travail and prevail for the delivery of my God given dreams, ideas and visions in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of God. Isaiah 66:8b
6. My father, subdue every activity and operation of dreams/visions killer; disarm every force contending with my God given visions and dreams in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of God.
7, My father, by remove every form of delay and pain regarding my delivery and manifestation in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of God.
8. My father, my visions, dreams will not be aborted, I will have miscarriage of vision in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of God.
9. My father give me the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places that I need for delivery the mighty name of Jesus Christ of God. Isaiah 45:3
10. My father thank you for answer my prayers and in advance of what you have proposed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of God. Matt 7.7