I welcome you to the month of November. Glory be to God for yet another wonderful month. The year is coming to an end, but it is not yet over, and that dream and vision of yours can still come to manifestation it is not dead yet!

Don’t give up just because in the natural the situation looks dead and there is no way out, you’ve tried everything in your capacity and yet still there is no breakthrough; maybe you have even decided that you will just let it go? Do you believe that your particular mountain of dry bones is able to come back to life again? Do you believe? God took Ezekiel to the valley of the dry bones (Ezekiel 37) just for Him to see that every dead situation can live again as nothing is too difficult for Him to do. Do you have faith that your particular mountain of dry bones is able to come back to life again?

God has the last word over your life and that situation and I don’t care what it looks like now, I prophecy and decree into your life this month that everything that looks dead in your health, home, marriage, career, business, finance, education, ministry, etc shall receive the breath of God and be restored completely in Jesus name

Prayer Points

1. I praise and adore you, for your mercy, for your loving kindness, for your faithfulness Psalm 100:1-4; Rev 4:11
2. Thank you for another new month, for the thoughts that you have towards me and my family that are not the thoughts of evil but of good and peace. Jer 29:11
3. As I go into the month of November, I pray against every Spiritual blindness, Let the covering and veil be remove, let there be spiritual illumination, revelation, vision, empowerment, let there be spiritual awareness and awakening Psalm 13:3
4. Almighty God, break every attack on my visions and dreams in the name of Jesus. Isa 8:9
5. Father, let your hand be upon me for restoration of my visions and dreams in the mighty name of Jesus. Ezek 37:1
6. In the name of Jesus, I speak to every dry bones in my life, career/business/finances, marriage, health, family and ministry receive the breath and life. Ezek 37:1-6
7. In the name of Jesus, I speak unto every scattered and every dry bones of my destiny; gather yourselves together and receive the breath of life. Ezek 37:7-8
8. My potential lying in the valley of dry bones, in the valley of non-fulfilment, I command you to arise now in the name of Jesus
9. Almighty God, build me and my family up to become a mighty and strong army in the mighty name of Jesus. Ezek 37:10
10. I speak to every hopeless and helpless situation confronting me to be turned around in my favour now in the name of Jesus. Ezek 37:11
11. Almighty father, let every grave where my potential, blessing, favour has been buried be opened up in the name of Jesus. Ezek 37:12
12. Almighty God, help me to continue in the Spirit and not to give in to the flesh until the vision and dream is delivered in the name of Jesus Ezek 37:14a
13. Almighty God, set me up in my own land this month so that I possess my possession in the mighty name of Jesus. Ezek 37:14b
14. Merciful God, let there be restoration to every living testimony, vision and dream that you have given me that the enemy has killed – either by my carelessness or forcefully John 10:10
15. Thank you my father for you will perform these and more for me and my family in this month of November in Jesus name. Eze 37:14c

God bless you and may your payers be answered in Jesus’ name. You can drop your prayer requests in the comment box below. Till next month remain blessed. SHALOM!!

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