Congratulations and welcome to the month of May!
My heart is full of appreciation and thanks to God that I can write this post and that you can read it; it can only be the mercy of God that has kept us till now, so we have every reason to praise Him despite our weakness and the challenges we are facing. Talking of challenges, are you passing through a big challenge now and do you know that His grace is available to see you through?

Bring your fears, trials, confusion, crisis, challenges etc to God as His great grace is available for you to overcome every trials and challenges. Biblically, number 5 represent Grace and in Acts 4:33, great grace was released upon the apostles, I pray that in this month of May you will experience the manifested great grace of God over every challenging situation in Jesus name.

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Prayer Points

1. Read Psalm 106:1-15 and use it to thank God in your own words.
2. I plead the blood of Jesus against any sin, obstacle or hindrance to the manifestation of great grace over my life this month. Exod. 12:13
3. In this month of May, I pray for your saving, restoring, covering and sustaining grace for my loved ones. Acts 4:33; 2Cor 12:9
4. I pray for great grace and strategies to win souls and to bear fruit that remain. Acts 4:33
5. In this month of May, let your great grace be upon me for the manifestation of your glory. Acts 4:33; Isa 60:1-2
6. Almighty God, I pray for great grace and power to be released to the church for witnessing. Acts 4:33.

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