Welcome to the amazing new month of June. Are you feeling weary or tired from the ups and downs of this journey we call life? God said he will not leave us nor forsake us! He’s with you in that situation so just don’t give up or be discouraged. Do what David did, he encouraged himself in the Lord. In the sixth month, angel Gabriel was sent to Mary to bring good news; Luke 1:26-38. I prophesy that God’s presence will go with you into the month of June, He will send His angel unto you, He will give you victory on every side, He will be your way maker, June will be your season of increase, multiplication, enlargement, expansion and taking territories, you will give birth to that dream in the name of Jesus. Remember, the best things in life come through persistence.

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Prayer Points

  1. Thank for this sixth month of the year; Thank you for all the benefits so far – benefits of sustenance, provision, grace, peace and everything. Thank God for the power of favour and grace. Psalm 68:19
  2. Father, send your angel to bring me good news this month in the name of Jesus. Luke 1:26
  3. Let every contamination or pollutant in my life be blotted out by the blood of Jesus. By your mercy remove anything that may want to stand in the way of your favour for my life. Luke 1:27
  4. Father, in this month of June, by your mercy and favour give me unexpected breakthroughs. Luke 1:28
  5. I come against every troubled spirit and receive your mercy, power, grace, favour and enablement for good news. Luke 1:29
  6. Let your voice drown every form of fear against my dream and testimonies in  Jesus name. Luke 1:30
  7. I come against every limitation or delay to my breakthrough for, with you, nothing shall be possible. Luke 1:37
  8. Father, I receive your grace and help  to submit to your will in the name of Jesus. Luke 1:38
  9. Many thanks in advance for what you will do for me in this month of May.

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