Welcome to the month of October, the beginning of the last quarter of year 2018. October is the 10th month of the year and in biblical terms, it represents perfection of divine order, completeness and a start of a whole new order. Many times we see the number 10 used in the bible, 10 commandments, 10 plagues, 10 virgins, 10 lepers, 10 talents, 10 servants and 10 pounds, 10 I am’s of Jesus Christ and many more. You can see that 10 is very significant. According to Genesis 8:5 And the waters decreased continually until the tenth month: in the tenth month, on the first day of the month, were the tops of the mountains seen. This month, I pray that every flood of burdens and impediments obstructing you from going to your next level in life or being seen, shall decrease and dry up in Jesus name. This is the last quarter of the year, three months to the end of year 2018, just as Obededum received the Ark of God into his house, and was blessed mightily and turned into a channel of blessings (2 Sam. 6:11), I decree and declare that as you allow Him into your heart, your season of dryness is over and your barn shall overflow in Jesus name. Pray the following in the name of Jesus.

Prayer points

1. Sing songs of praise and worship to God as led Psa 100:4
2. Repent of any sin or blemish that may prevent your prayers from being answered. Ask the Lord to have mercy on you and wash you clean by the blood of Jesus. Psa 51:10-11
3. Thank God for keeping you, your family and all that pertains to you, and for being your helper since this year began. Psa 103:1-5
4. Thank God for unlimited mercy, even when we directly violate His divine instruction, or make sincere errors and mistakes. 2 Sam 6:6
5. Pray that as you go into the month and for the rest of the year that the grace to hide His words in your heart and be a doer be released upon you. 2 Sam 6:3; Psa 119:11
6. Pray that God will go ahead of you into the month and for the heart to follow His steps. 2 Sam 6:4; Isai 45:2
7. Pray that your expectation of joy and celebration this month and this quarter shall not be cut short 2 Sam 6:5; Prov 23:18
8. Call upon God to arise in His mercy to remove every unfortunate incident on the way to the realisation of your heart desires in this month of October. 2 Sam 6:6
9. Pray against every contrary power or error or mistake that might surface at the hedge of your breakthrough and harvest this month. 2 Sam 6:6; Jud 6:5
10. Pray that God will help you not do anything that will warrant the anger and the wrath of God. 2 Sam 6:7; Gen 17:1
11. Pray that in this month and days beyond you will not die prematurely and you will not die in someone else’s ”s place, you shall live to declare His glory. 2 Sam 6:7; Psa 118:20
12. Pray that the Lord will deliver you from every incident and accident that will make you become bitter towards Him 2 Sam 6:8
13. Pray that throughout the month nothing will take you away from the presence of God. 2 Sam 6:9; Psa 16:11
14. Pray that in His mercy, whatever is meant for evil for you and your family by anyone or by any power, God please turn it around for my good. 2 Sam 6:10
15. Pray that what is killing others will not kill you this quarter and the days beyond. 2 Sam 6:10
16. Pray in this last quarter of the year that as you carry His presence, He will give you and your household sudden blessings/testimonies that will make you to be a channel of blessing and lender to nations. 2 Sam 6:11
17. Give thanks to Him who is able do more exceedingly and abundantly far above that which we can ask or think according to the power that works in us. Eph 3:20

God bless you and may your payers be answered in Jesus’ name. You can drop your prayer requests in the comment box below. Till next month remain blessed. SHALOM!!

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