Welcome to the month of September. Glory be to God that has been our refuge and strength since the beginning of 2018. Number 9 symbolises an end to a thing and beginning of new thing. The ninth month ends a woman’s pregnancy and results in a new life and Jesus Christ gave up the ghost at the ninth hour (3pm) to go to hell and bring back the key of life to give us new life. I prophesy and decree that every thing that has limited you so far in life and destiny shall be removed in the name of Jesus and, starting from this month, your dreams and visions shall begin to materialise to the glory of God the Father. I encourage you this month to trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path. Prov. 3:5-6. He will silence your mockers.

Prayer Points

• Almighty God, I give you praise; I worship you for your mercy, protection and preservation that I enjoyed in the past 8 months of this year Psalm 29:1-2
• Almighty God thank you yet again for another new month and the last quarter of year 2018. 1 Chron 16:34
• Thank you for all the very many benefits that you loaded me daily during the month of August. Psalm 68:19
• Almighty Father, through the greatness of your power, show me great mercy this month in Jesus name. Psalm 66:3; Psalm 35:7
• Almighty God, by the blood of Jesus, remove everything that is not bearing fruit or that has given my adversaries the right to limit me. Amos 2:9
• Almighty God, Let everything/every device that has been put in place to limit me be removed and cut off by fire. Isaiah 22:25
• Almighty God, let every problem/challenge in my life that the adversary is using to mock me be removed. 1 Sam 1:6
• Almighty God, every problem programmed to mock me this month blot these out in the name of Jesus. Col 2:14-15
• Almighty Father, let every evil scheme/order that mockers have devised against me backfire and send these back to the sender in the mighty name of Jesus. Esther 7:10
• By the power that silenced Haman in favour of Mordecai, O Lord, let every power assigned against my existence be disgraced and silenced forever in the name of Jesus. Esther 9:25
• In the name of Jesus, I command every enemy to stumble and crumble now by fire and thunder. Psalm 27:2
• Almighty Father, deliver me not unto the will of my enemies this month in Jesus name. Psalm 27:12
• Almighty Father, arise for me and let every cruel enemy be crushed by fire and thunder in Jesus name. Psalm 27:12
• Thank you Father in advance for answering these requests and many that I’m unable to pray, for you can do exceedingly above that which I can ask or imagine according to the power that works in me. Eph 3:20-21

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