Welcome to the month of June.
Wao! we are in June already, I’m so thankful and grateful to God for the gift of life and I want to use the opportunity to say “Thank you” to all our key workers for all their efforts in this pandemic period, my prayer for them is that God almighty will reward them greatly.

It is no doubt that we are in uncertain season as a result of this pandemic period i.e. fears over job losses, fear of contracting the virus, etc. whereas it was in the sixth month that Angel Gabriel was sent from God to visit Mary, Luke 1:26-28. I pray that it is your turn to be visited for favour this month – and the power of God will fill you and dissolve all fears in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Prayer points

1. Father, my soul and all that is within me blesses your holy name, for protection, for safety, for provision and for my sound mind. Psalm 103:1
2. Thank you for redemption and forgiveness of my sins through the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Col 1:14
3. Father, as I journey into the month of June let there be an angelic visitation that brings good news for every situation I’m trusting you for. Luke 1:26-27
4. Father, in this month of June let me find favour with you and with men. Luke 1:28
5. Father, let there be clarity over every situation that I’m confused over, or that’s causing me fear or anxiety. Luke 1:29
6. Father, because you have not given me the spirit of fear or anxiety, I receive courage to posess what you have destined for me this month and beyond. Luke 1:30
7. Almighty God, grant me supernatural/conceivable ideas that will bless humanity and populate your kingdom. Luke 1:31-32
8. Lord, this month do something that seems impossible in my life that the heart of those that hear it will be amazed at your goodness. Luke 1:34
9. Let the power of Holy Spirit overshadow me to submit to your will concerning my life and destiny. Luke 1:35
10. Thank you in advance for what you are going to do in my life this month. 1 John 5:14