Happy Easter Sunday and welcome to the month of April 2018

Happy Easter Sunday and welcome to the month of April 2018

Happy Easter Sunday and welcome to the month of April 2018. On the fourth day, God created the sun, moon and stars. Gen 1:18-19

God the alpha and Omega knows there will be dark periods and seasons in our lives, and He made provision for His light to shine for us at different times of the day. Are you in your dark session or period now? Are you at your lowest ebb at the moment?

It was because of this purpose that the son of God was made manifest to destroy the works of the devil. Remember the last statement that Jesus said on the cross was, “it is finished” and, since then, we have been having the confidence and boldness to approach the throne of grace for mercy. As you approach Him this season, everything that has been spoken into the sun, moon and stars to work contrary to His divine purpose in your life and destiny shall be reversed in Jesus name.

Prayer Points

1. Praise Him intensely by singing the worship songs below to Him, as well as those that He has laid upon your heart to sing.
Who is like unto thee, Oh Lord?
The steadfast love of the Lord never ceaseth.
Thank you, Thank you Lord for everything you have done.
2. Almighty God, I thank you yet again for another month and quarter. Psa 92:1
3. Thank you Lord because – in you, my family and I find mercy, compassion, peace, joy, rest and favour. Hosea 14:3b
4. Almighty God, help me not to cooperate with the enemy to afflict me in this new month and quarter, by seeking your righteousness in Jesus name. Matt 6:33
5. Almighty God, as I go into the month and the new quarter, I acknowledge you; be with me and direct my path. Prov 3:5-6
6. Father, every inherited battle I have been fighting, in this new month let it be terminated in the mighty name of Jesus. John 19:30
7. Father, every evil fingers pointing at my star and glory, let them wither in the name of Jesus. 1 John 3:8
8. Father, arrest any power restricting me to scale to the next level, in the name of Jesus. John 8:36
9. Father, in this new month and quarter, shock my enemies and disgrace them in the name of Jesus. Esther 7:7-10
10. Father, I thank you in advance of what you are going to do in this month of April, and this second quarter of 2018. Eph 3:20

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