I welcome you to the month of April. I’m so excited because it’s my birth month and I give glory and praise to my heavenly father for yet another year in the land of the living.

In the past few weeks, most nations have declared a lockdown as a result of the COVID_19 epidemic. This has caused great anxiety around the world and many people have asked, is this an act of God to destroy us as a result of our sins? Is it an attack from the kingdom of hell?

While I don’t have the answer to any of these questions, my response has simply been – whatsoever the reason, we just need God’s Mercy; even if we have sinned or rebelled against Him, He will remember mercy Hab. 3:2. Again if it’s the work of the adversary, God will arise and scatter the adversary, Psalm 68:1.

The word of God that I have for you this month is taken from Isaiah 43:1-4, God has promised to be with you in whatever you pass through. He has got you covered. I pray that you and your loved ones would not be affected and you shall be preserved.
I want to also use the opportunity to pray for all our key-workers, NHS staff, Social Care staff, MVPs etc that God will give His angels charge over them for protection.

Prayer Points

1. Father I bless and praise you for there is no one like you and you cannot be compared to anyone; you are God all by yourself. Psalm 34:1
2. Father, any sin and transgression that will not make me to enter your gates with thanksgiving and your courts with praise – forgive me, pardon my iniquity, cleanse me by the blood of Jesus. 1 John 1:9
3. Father, thank you for making me yours, for redeeming me from the power of disease and epidemics and for delivering me from every fear. Isa 43:1
4. Father as we pass through this period, be with me, my spouse, my children and my loved ones; protect and preserve us from every affliction in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Isa 43:2
5. Father ransom and rescue me and my household from the snare of the fowlers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Isa 43:3
6. Father, as you God rebuked and stilled the great storm of wind back then, please still Covd_19 in our nation and heal the land. Mark 4:38-39
7. Thank you for answered prayers

Note: You are invited to join me to celebrate my 50th birthday anniversary to pray with me as I will be hosting ‘50 persons praying for one hour’ to give us “50 hours of Prayer for the world” this coming Saturday morning between 12:00am and 01.00am by His grace.

Prayer conference line detail
Dial-in number: From UK +44 330 606 0403; From United States +1 978-990-5000; From Nigeria +234 1 227 9422
Access Number: 331-136
When prompted, enter the access code the join the conference

(Kindly join the conference call at 23.58 on FRIDAY night so prayer starts at 12.00am prompt).