Welcome to the month of November

Welcome to the month of November

Welcome to the month of November.

If it had not been the Lord who was on our side, over the past 10 months, when men rose up against us they would have swallowed us up quickly (Read Psalm 124:1-8).

“Men” here might mean the challenges of life, limitations, hindrances, lack, sickness, bareness, failure, delay, loneliness, pain, terror, anxiety, persecution, rejection, etc. Thank God for choosing to be on our side and not allowing us to be swallowed by these challenges. Some might be saying “it is November already and I have not achieved anything this year, or things are not working as planned”. In Matthew 20:1-16, Jesus was talking about the parable of labourers that were brought into the vineyard at the 11th hour, only to be paid the same wages with those that were already working there before them. This shows that there is still hope regarding that disappointment, long delay, limitations or challenges that you might have encountered or are experiencing at the moment!. All you need is not to stay disconnected from Him, always trust Him and remain expectant!

I pray that in this month of November, God will arise and have mercy on you; for your time of favour, restoration and remembrance has come. (Psalm 102:13). You will not be tired, so just look up to Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith.

Prayer Points

1. Father, I bless and worship you because you are great and your greatness is unsearchable Psa 145:1-3
2. Father, thank you for being on my side, for not allowing the challenges of life to swallow me, my family, my wife, my ministries Psa 124:1-5
3. Father, thank you for not giving me and my family as a prey to the enemies. Psa 124:6
4. Father, thank you for breaking the snare and making my soul to escape like a bird – for you are my helper Psa 124:7-8
5. Father, I refuse to be idle or stagnant, my visions and dreams will not die. Matt 20:3
6. Father, I receive your divine touch and visitation that will wipe away every long outstanding challenges and issues that have kept me on the same spot, or that have been making me to move around in a circle. I exchange stagnancy for the favour of God. Matt 20:6
7. Father, In this month of November let my destiny helper locate me, I don’t want to end the year empty. Matt 20:7
8. Father, in this November, please restore to me all that I have lost in any way since the beginning of the year. Matt. 20:8-10
9. Father, let every principality or power that is murmuring against my harvest and blessing, as a result of your mercy and blessing, receive divine judgement. Matt 20:11
10. Father, in this month of November, any principality or power that is seeking after my soul to be destroyed – let it be visited by your judgement. Psa 40:14
11. Father, thank you in advance for answered prayers. 1 John 5:14


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