Welcome to the month of July

Welcome to the month of July

Welcome to the month of July, the start of the second half of the year 2018. It’s been a wonderful mixed ride since the beginning of the year but, all in all, the Lord has been so good and He’s worthy to be glorified.

Please magnify the Lord with me and let’s exalt His name together. As I was waiting upon the Lord for what He want me to share this month, He dropped in my spirit 1 Samuel 30, where David returned from war to his home and discovered that the enemies had destroyed and stolen everything vital to him – and worst still that his own men had turned against him.

Are you facing challenges now that makes it appear that everything vital to you has been stolen by the adversary or you are finding it difficult to fulfil your dreams/objectives set at the beginning of the year and you are getting discouraged and downcast? Look at what David did; he encouraged himself in the Lord, by not allowing the circumstance to dim his focus on God who had given him so many victories in the past 1 Sam 30:6b. David began to bless the name of the Lord “I will bless the Lord at all times and His praise shall continually be in my mouth”. In doing so he was able to ask God whether to pursue the adversary. God said yes and he pursued, overtook and recovered all.

I pray for you in this second half of the year 2018 that you will receive power to pursue, to overtake and to recover all that you’ve lost. And I pray that in this month of perfection and completeness, God almighty will perfect all that concerns you in Jesus name. Psalm 138:8.

Prayer Points

1. Thanksgiving
• Praise God for being mindful of you. Psalm 8:4
• Praise God for His wonderful works over your life and your family since the beginning of the year. Psalm 107:8
• Thank you Lord for I’m fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm 139:13-14
• Thank you Lord for all you have done in my life and my family in the first half of this year, for forgiveness of sins, healing, strength, grace, provision and for all manners of benefits. Psalm 103:1-5
• Thank you for making your strength to be perfect in my weakness since the beginning of the year. 2 Cor. 12:8-10
2. Father of all mercy, forgive me all errors and iniquities that I have committed towards you, towards my wife, children, towards the souls of men and women that you have created. 1 John 1:7-9
3. Almighty God, blot out and wipe out every handwriting of the ordinance that has been against me that has given the devil legal ground to harass my destiny – by the blood of Jesus. Col. 2:14
4. Almighty God, as I go into the second half of the year, baptise me with the Holy Ghost fire for strength, encouragement etc. Luke 3:16
5. Father, in this second half of the year, satisfy me early with your mercy that I may rejoice and be glad all my days. Psalm 90:14
6. In the name of Jesus, I reject every setback that will cause me sorrow and pain in this second half of the year in the name of Jesus. 1 Sam 30:1
7. Everything that has made me to be sorrowful and weep in this first half of the year receive divine visitation in Jesus name. 1 Sam 30:4
8. Father, I pray every blessing that has been forcefully taken away from me should be restored in the name of Jesus. 1 Sam 30:5-6a
9. Almighty father, as I go into the second half of the year, do not let my strength be small in the days of adversity or challenge, let the power from on high overshadow me. 1 Sam 30:6b
10. Father, I receive the power, the strength and grace to pursue the adversary for my blessing to overtake and recover all in the name of Jesus. 1 Sam 30:7-8
11. Father, you are the owner of heaven and the earth, supply every resource that I need for the total recovery of everything the enemy has taken from me in Jesus’ name. 1 Sam 30:9-10
12. Almighty God, let your goodness and mercy locate my helper and let there be a divine connection in the name of Jesus. 1 Sam 30:12-13
13. Almighty God, let my adversary make a mistake or commit an error that will lead to my recovery in the name of Jesus. 1 Sam 30:14-15
14. Almighty Father, as I go into this second half of the year, every Iron Gate shut to prevent me from entering into my place of prosperity, increase, fulfilment and greatness should be open of their own accord in Jesus’ Name. Acts 12:10
15. In this second half of the year, fortify me and my family so that every weapon formed or fashioned against me shall not prosper in Jesus name. Isa 54:17
16. Abba father, I thank you for the confidence that whenever I call you always hear me. John 11:42

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