I had a scenario whereby my server system volume information continued to grow and it turned out that these files couldn’t be deleted even after taking ownership of them. Also using vssadmin didn’t work either.

The Windows VSS service generated the cache files whenever my backup started, and these files were not getting deleted after the backup finished so the cache files continued to grow.

Follow the steps below to delete/purge the VSS cache files:

1. On the drive where the cache files are present, right click the drive, select Properties, go to the Shadow Copies tab and press the Settings button. (default is ‘No Limit‘ in my case and this explains why I’m getting bigger files).

2. In the Settings window place a bullet in the ‘Use limit‘ option and set the limit to a smaller value say 1024MB and click OK.

Solution: After applying the size limitation the Volume Shadow copy Service should delete the shadow copy files.

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