With the current advance in technology and with the adoption of migrating applications to the cloud or hosting applications in the cloud and in recent years, cloud computing has become most desirable technology for major organizations from small to enterprise level.

There are many opportunities available within Cybersecurity, which makes the path sometimes to be interwoven, and there are many career paths, so there is no generic path to say, it all depends on the end game.

KINDLE BOOK : Starting your Career in Cybersecurity

There is no specific or generic path to start a career in cybersecurity, but nevertheless individual need to have a basic understanding of security principles for entry-level while some others transition from one field/role.
To start a career in cybersecurity, you have to start somewhere, and you have to consider the following

+ Determine your category/choice, Technical or Non-Technical?
+ Pass entry-level certification
+ Seek Experience
+ Networking
+ Resume preparation
+ Interview skills
+ Additional certifications

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