Hello & Welcome to the Month of March (I’ll March forward)

Hello & Welcome to the Month of March (I’ll March forward)

Hello and Welcome to the month of March 2021. God has kept us and we have leaped over the month of February into the month of March. Psalm 150:6 says let everything that has breath praise the Lord. You and I have breath, Let’s magnify and praise Him together.

Have you been putting a lot of effort into life yet don’t understand why you are not making any headway; or are you just stuck in your comfort zone? The time has come for you to march and move forward, for you have dwelt long enough at this mountain (Deut 1:6) and to take your turn northward Deut 2:3. This was the word of God to the people of Israel when they got stuck at Horeb on their journey to the promised land

I decree and declare that you shall march forward in every facet of your life, for God will arise and have mercy on you to break every stagnation in your life, for your set time of favour is now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

In this time of fear and uncertainty, don’t risk your health and other people’s health, get the vaccine if you have no underlying conditions and your doctor advises you to and trust God to continue to keep you safe from harm.

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Till next month, stay focused on Christ to sustain hope, reduce panic and stay safe by compliance with covid_19 rules. Shalom

Prayer Points

1. Praise God in the beauty of His Holiness. Psalm 149
2. Thank you Lord yet for another month and for all benefits that you have provided throughout the month of February. Psalm 68:19
3. My father, in anyway that iniquity has prevail in my life, please forgive me, have mercy and provide atonement in the mighty name of Jesus. Pslam 65:3
4. My father, let everything that has kept me in one spot or that has been making me to move in a circle be broken by the power in the name of Jesus. Mark 11:11
5. My father deliver me from the powers assigned to sink or bury in Horeb of life in Jesus name. Deut 1:6
6. My father deliver me from the powers that has kept me and my glory in one spot in the mighty name of Jesus. Psalm 24:
7. My father, deliver me from every harassment and rejection in the mighty name of Jesus. Psalm 2:1-2
8. My father, help me to see the good picture that you have in stock for me in the mighty name of Jesus. Jer 29:11
9. My father, I receive the ministry of angels for strenght for encouragement and awaken confidence that I may receive all the blessings that you have prepared for me in my career, business, ministry, studies, marriage, home, etc in Jesus name. 1 Sam 30:6
10. My father, I receive the strenght, grace and power to pursue, overtake and recover all my allocated blessing in the mighty name of Jesus. 1 Sam 30:8
11. My father, arise and let mercy locate me for favour in every area of my life in this month of March, that i will march to grateness in the mighty name of Jesus. Psalm 102:13
12. Thank you father, for you can do more exceedingly abundantly above that which I can ask or imangine according to the power that works in me. Eph 3:20

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