It’s June again!!!

It’s June again!!!

It’s June again!!! I welcome you to the sixth month of the year, i.e. June! It was in the sixth month the angel of Lord visited Mary, the natural law of conception was suspended and she conceived supernaturally – what a divine visitation! Luke 1:26-33

Have you been believing God for something since the beginning of the year and it seems not to be manifesting? This month will be a month of realization of those long awaited blessings in the name of Jesus. Keep pressing on and do everything in your capacity to the glory of God, to stay in His will and divine purpose. All those that received divine visitation sacrificed something; what are you willing to sacrifice for God today? As you look up to Him, He will arise and have mercy upon you for your time of visitation of favour, testimonies, accomplishment, deliverance etc. has come.

Prayer points

• Praise and worship Him intensely
• Almighty God, I thank you for your mercy and loving kindness that I have enjoyed so far. Lam 3:22
• Almighty God, I thank you for your longsuffering and gracious mercy toward me and my family, thank you for not visiting me according to my iniquities. Psalm 130:3-4
• Merciful Father, please forgive me every evil that I have done before you in the name of Jesus. Judges 6:1
• Almighty God, help me to identify and deal with any weaknesses in my life that can hinder your divine visitation. Help me to keep pressing towards the mark and not to lose focus. Phil 3:13-14
• Almighty God, in this month of June, single me out for your divine visitation. Luke 1:26-27
• Almighty God, you are the God that favour the cause of a righteous, favour my cause this month in every area. Luke 1:28
• Almighty God, as a result of your divine visitation, let there be an end to anything that has troubled me so far since the beginning of the year in the mighty name of Jesus. Luke 1:29
• Almighty God, in this month of June, remove fear and anxiety far from me. Luke 1:30
• Almighty God, let the power from on high overshadow me for the manifestation of the ideal to the glory of your name. Luke 1:31
• Almighty God, every satanic power standing shall be destroyed after the order of Jeremiah 15:3 in the name of Jesus.
• Almighty God, thank you in advance of what you are going to do.

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  1. Christiana udoh-oladejo · Edit

    Thank you sir for this platform it really blesses me every month with the prayer point. May God give you the Grace to continue in this good works


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