How to convert MBR to GPT

Recently I was configuring disks for SQL and the plan was to use GPT rather than MBR.
For any hard drive over 2TB, we need to use GPT partition because the number of partitions on a GPT disk is not constrained by temporary schemes, such as container partitions as defined by the MBR Extended Boot Record (EBR).
During during the disk configuration, I picked MBR instead of GPT so I have to convert MBR to GPT.
In this article, I want to highlight how I used DISKPART to convert the MBR disk to GPT.

Note: This conversion is possible because there are no partitions or volumes present on the disk. If there is already data or volumes, you might need to use third party tools or backup all your data and delete all partitions and volumes..

  • At the command prompt, type DISKPART and press enter
  • Type list disk to get the disk number that need conversion.
  • Type select disk
  • Type convert gpt.
  • You will receive a message that this conversion was successful.

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